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About Supermarcado El Borrego

Supermarcado El Borrego is a Mexican grocery store in Aurora, IL that provides locals with the best quality fresh Mexican meats and produce. We specialize in comida para eventos, guisado, comida Mexicana, almacen Mexicano, suplementos Mexicanos, menudo fin de semana, carnitas, and more. We are also a reliable source for an event caterer in Aurora, as well as Mexican supplements or suplementos Mexicanos. We take pride in our quality inventory, where we take care to provide only the freshest authentic Mexican foods at a great value. Our friendly staff will help you find anything you want, from produce to meat, or stews to carnitas in our Aurora market. Whether you need a menudo fin de semana in Aurora or you seek a caterer near Eola, Supermarcado El Borrego is your one-stop shop for affordable, authentic Mexican food.

Our address

443 South 4Th Street, Aurora, IL 60505
41.7471161221953, -88.3148830674591
Call: (630) 896-2212

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