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The Oral Health Solution

When it comes to oral health, there is an interesting phenomenon that happens with most people. When they get a toothache, gum pain, chipped teeth, etc., they arose scared of going to the dentist’s office that they choose to ignore the pain for as long as they can. Avoiding certain foods, trying not to smile in public because they can’t stand the way their teeth look; all because they fear the dreaded dental appointment.  If you live in the

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Rockford, IL area, your nightmare is over. The International Dental Center is a haven for those afraid of the looming stereotypical scary doctor. Instead, here you will find Dr. Rabeh Salamah, a consummate professional and expert dental health provider .who will allay your fears with his understanding manner and gentle touch. Learn more about Dr. Salamah and the International Dental Center.

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18 South Larkin Avenue Joliet
41.52120767213797, -88.12376497420502
(815) 730-1570

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